Our Mission

— A note from our founder

We need to move the world to a more gender balanced society where women hold a powerful voice in every industry and this is why I have created Rise Up Women.

Our mission is to narrow the gender leadership gap by bringing women from all different backgrounds together to connect, learn and grow.

Women are massively underrepresented across the corporate leadership talent pipeline.  Research shows that female mentors are key influences on women’s success. The problem is that gaining access to these women can be extremely challenging.

This is my campaign for change and why I have created an online learning community to accelerate the women’s movement. Rise Up Women is here to improve women’s representation in all area’s of business and life, moving the needle in every direction possible so we can create real opportunities for ourselves.

Together, with the help of our male allies, we will inspire amazing change.

Susan Dwyer
– Founder of Rise Up Women