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Join our Rise Up mentoring program and make a difference for aspiring female leaders to advance their careers. Be a Role Model.


Who is the program for?

We are looking to partner with accomplished women and men who are mid – late career who want to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of future leaders. Prior successful informal or formal mentoring experience is a plus. Mentors can be also mentees. The objective is to help others to rise up, supporting them to reach their full potential. We are looking for you to provide guidance to women who are looking to either, pivot, progress or return to work. In exchange for your time and giving back, we promise to help you to build your network, strengthen your personal brand and develop your leadership skills. 

Why Rise Up?

Mentee Driven

As the program is focused around the mentee’s goals, mentee’s are encouraged to lead the agenda and frequency of meetings. We recommend meeting bi monthly but this is up to each parties discretion.

Low Time Commitment

This program is 100% virtual & the total time commitment is three hours over a two month period. For best results, we recommend dividing this up into four 45 minute sessions. We provide you with our mentor framework plus ‘how to guide’ to ensure you are equipped with all the information you need to fulfil your mentor duties with ease.


Alongside access to mentorship resources, you will also gain exclusive access to our mentor network.  Here you can connect and engage with other industry leaders via our virtual meet up’s plus stay connected via our private linkedin group.

How It Works



Fill out the application form below and apply to get matched. Please note we only have 25 mentor spots available for this cohort and therefore not everyone will be matched.

Get Matched

We will inform you of next steps once we have found a mentee that is best matched to your experience.


Engage in the meeting process with your mentee and plan for your second session.


We track progress, collect data and continuous feedback along the way to make sure we achieve the best possible results for all parties involved.

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